Morgan + Garrett’s Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos

Roger Williams Park in the spring just cannot be beat.  Pink and white blossoms everywhere, and Morgan, Garrett, and I totally took advantage of what was in bloom.  We started off in the Japanese Gardens, and then made our way around the park. This park is such a gem in Providence. It’s huge, and while it’s usually crowded, things were relatively calm the evening we were there (minus the two wedding parties and prom groups!).

I like to shoot a mixture of up close, intimate portraits, standard portraits, and wide shots encompassing the beautiful backgrounds. For these shots, I used two lenses: 35mm (for the wide shots and up close intimate portraits) and the 85mm (for the standard portraits).  It’s nice to have a mix so that not everything looks the same.

Enjoy the photos!

I call the next set of portrait poses the, “For Mom and Dad”. While I always like to have a mix of natural looking moments (which are most often the result of nervous giggles!), I always try to take a few posed, looking directly at the camera, as parents and grandparents always seem to love these.  It’s a good “staple” portrait!


Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_020Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_022 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_023Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_019 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_026 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_027 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_028 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_029Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_004Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_007 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_006Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_008Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_013




Jillian + Jon’s Narragansett Engagement Shoot

Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0001 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0002 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0003 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0004 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0005 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0006 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0007 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0008 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0009 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0010 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0011 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0012 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0013 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0014 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0015 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0016 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0017 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0018 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0019 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0020 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0021

Jane and Albert’s Blithewold Mansion Wedding in Bristol, RI

Jane and Albert were married at the beautiful Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, Rhode Island.  It is stunning…water views and amazing gardens, and of course, a mansion! From a photographer’s point of view, it is the perfect place for a variety of wedding portraits.  And that is exactly what Jane and Al wanted. They set aside so much time for photos…it was great! We weren’t rushed at all, and it gave us time to walk all over the property for beautiful shots.  Their day began with a first look.  Jane looked so beautiful, and Al immediately became emotional. First look photos are always a favorite of mine. From there, we spent about an hour taking just bride and groom portraits before the ceremony. The light was absolutely perfect: there was a cloud cover and it was early evening, so you could see the sun peeking through the clouds. Had it been sunny, these photos would look drastically different. This kind of light is a photographer’s dream! I wish the light were this perfect for every wedding!! Congratulations Jane and Al; enjoy the photos!

BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_001BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_002BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_003BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_004 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_005 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_006 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_007 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_008 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_012 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_013 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_014 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_015 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_016BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_045 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_046 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_041 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_040 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_039 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_017 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_018 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_019 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_020BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_021 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_022 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_023 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_024 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_025 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_026 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_027 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_028BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_029 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_030 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_031BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_032 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_033
BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_034 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_035 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_036 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_037 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_038 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_042 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_043 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_047 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_048 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_049 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_050 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_051 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_052 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_053 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_054 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_055BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_056 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_057 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_058 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_059 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_060 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_061 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_062 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_063 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_064 BlithewoldWeddingPhotosBristolRI_065

A BIG Announcement!

Well, as you might be able to guess from the photo below….I’m expecting! Baby BOY (!!!) is due around the holidays.  I couldn’t be more thrilled! For so long, I have photographed so many families and babies, and it’s hard to believe that I will now have a little one of my own to photograph!


So what does this mean for my clients? It means that fall family portrait sessions are going to be VERY limited this year, as I need to allow myself time to edit all of the sessions and deliver them in time for the holidays (and before I give birth).  Because birth is unpredictable, I will be scheduling sessions up to November 9th, but not any later. I will be accepting 8 October sessions, and once October is fully booked, opening up 4 November sessions if the weather cooperates….but that’s it!  Because I will be scheduling fewer sessions for fall, session dates will only be held with an e-signed studio policies contract and a non-refundable paid session fee (all done online and via Paypal), and must be submitted within 24 hours of being sent.


Ready to book your fall family portrait session?!?! Well, if you’d like peak fall foliage, then I suggest scheduling your session between October 13th and October 28th, as these weeks have been predicted to have the best foliage! And it sure is pretty in photographs, isn’t it??

RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_083 RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_087 RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_094

Engagement sessions are also gorgeous in the foliage, too!!

ColtStateParkEngagementPhotos_056 ColtStateParkEngagementPhotos_053 RI Family Portrait Photographer_040 RI Family Portrait Photographer_035RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_012

If you don’t have availability during the peak fall foliage weeks, what about an apple orchard? Apple orchards all look very “fall-ish” and can be photographed at any time in September-November.
RI Baby Photographer_028 RI Baby Photographer_015 RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_006 RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_008

Even the city has some nice spots with foliage!
NorthEndBostonEngagementPhotos_109 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_085 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_086 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_077 ProvidenceRIEngagementPhotos_041 ProvidenceRIEngagementPhotos_034

Don’t forget senior portraits, either…

WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_008 WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_013 WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_012

If you are ready to book, please email me at to get things started, or to ask any questions you may have. Thank you!

Gina + Paul’s Providence Engagement Photos

ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_020 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_021 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_022 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_023 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_024 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_025 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_026 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_027ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_029 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_030 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_031 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_032 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_033 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_034 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_035 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_036 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_037 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_038 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_039 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_040