A Lifestyle Family Portrait Session in Rhode Island

90% of the time, I photograph families outside on the beach or at the park. But, what do you do in winter, or with a small baby? For these situations, I photograph families and babies in their homes. They are most comfortable in their own homes, and I find everyone to be much more relaxed. These sessions are typically called “Lifestyle” sessions, because we are photographing natural moments in the home, versus more posed set-ups in a studio.  I LOVE photographing Lifestyle sessions. It’s more photojournalistic, and it focuses more on the subjects and their interactions instead of the prop or set.  It’s more natural, emotional, and timeless.

A few weeks ago, I photographed this new family with a 4-month-old. While we were hoping to get more outside shots, the weather just did not cooperate. So, we stayed in the living room for most of the session. I really love how they turned out!

RI_Baby_Photographer_081 RI_Baby_Photographer_082 RI_Baby_Photographer_083 RI_Baby_Photographer_084 RI_Baby_Photographer_085 RI_Baby_Photographer_087 RI_Baby_Photographer_088 RI_Baby_Photographer_089 RI_Baby_Photographer_090 RI_Baby_Photographer_091 RI_Baby_Photographer_092 RI_Baby_Photographer_093

If you like how they turned out too, and are interested in booking a Lifestyle session (or an outdoor session), we are currently running a 50% off special until the end of May! Please visit the website (link at the top) or email cm@caitlinmaloneyphotography.com for more information or to book.

A BIG Announcement!

Well, as you might be able to guess from the photo below….I’m expecting! Baby BOY (!!!) is due around the holidays.  I couldn’t be more thrilled! For so long, I have photographed so many families and babies, and it’s hard to believe that I will now have a little one of my own to photograph!


So what does this mean for my clients? It means that fall family portrait sessions are going to be VERY limited this year, as I need to allow myself time to edit all of the sessions and deliver them in time for the holidays (and before I give birth).  Because birth is unpredictable, I will be scheduling sessions up to November 9th, but not any later. I will be accepting 8 October sessions, and once October is fully booked, opening up 4 November sessions if the weather cooperates….but that’s it!  Because I will be scheduling fewer sessions for fall, session dates will only be held with an e-signed studio policies contract and a non-refundable paid session fee (all done online and via Paypal), and must be submitted within 24 hours of being sent.


Ready to book your fall family portrait session?!?! Well, if you’d like peak fall foliage, then I suggest scheduling your session between October 13th and October 28th, as these weeks have been predicted to have the best foliage! And it sure is pretty in photographs, isn’t it??

RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_083 RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_087 RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_094

Engagement sessions are also gorgeous in the foliage, too!!

ColtStateParkEngagementPhotos_056 ColtStateParkEngagementPhotos_053 RI Family Portrait Photographer_040 RI Family Portrait Photographer_035RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_012

If you don’t have availability during the peak fall foliage weeks, what about an apple orchard? Apple orchards all look very “fall-ish” and can be photographed at any time in September-November.
RI Baby Photographer_028 RI Baby Photographer_015 RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_006 RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_008

Even the city has some nice spots with foliage!
NorthEndBostonEngagementPhotos_109 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_085 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_086 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_077 ProvidenceRIEngagementPhotos_041 ProvidenceRIEngagementPhotos_034

Don’t forget senior portraits, either…

WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_008 WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_013 WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_012

If you are ready to book, please email me at cm@caitlinmaloneyphotography.com to get things started, or to ask any questions you may have. Thank you!

Hope and Charlie | Bristol RI Baby and Family Portrait Photography

BristolRIBabyPhotographer_052 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_053 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_054 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_055 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_056 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_057 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_058 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_059 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_060BristolRIBabyPhotographer_063 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_064 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_065 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_066 BristolRIBabyPhotographer_067

Rhode Island Fall Family Portraits

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