Emily + Jeremy’s Worcester Art Museum Wedding


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Photographers: Caitlin Maloney and George Rivera

Venue: Worcester Art Museum

Caterer: Struck Catering

Cake:  Something Sweet by Michelle

Florist:  Danielson Flowers

DJ:  Allstar Entertainment (Dan Campbell)

**Vendors, if you’d like to use the photos for promotional use, please email cm@caitlinmaloneyphotography.com for permission. Thank you!

Julianne + Kyle {Rhode Island Wedding Photographer}

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more traveling for weddings and engagement shoots.  Julianne and Kyle’s wedding took place in New Jersey, near Sandy Hook.  For those of you that followed Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook area was devastated during the hurricane last October.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. Julianne had told me that their venue, Windows on the Water, was built to Florida code, and only had minor damage and was able to rebuild quickly.  What I didn’t photograph were some of the houses across the street that weren’t as lucky. But as you can see, the beaches have been rebuilt and are some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in the U.S.!  They were huge, and mostly empty due to the near 100 degree temperatures we were having that weekend!

While we waited for the ceremony to begin, I spent a little bit of time with Julianne and her family in the bridal suite.

It was so hot that Julianne and Kyle decided to have most of the photos and the ceremony inside. That’s a first for me….having a ceremony move indoors due to extreme heat!

This is Julianne’s niece….Being a flower girl is hard work, so definitely deserves a snack before that long walk down the aisle :) .

Can you believe Julianne’s mom made her dress by hand?!?!? Isn’t it beautiful??

We snuck outside for about 5 minutes of outdoor photos…then escaped back inside to the air conditioning! You can see just how empty the beaches were.

The venue had the most gorgeous chandeliers. They reminded me of the chandeliers at the Newport venue that I shoot at often, Belle Mer. I love including chandeliers in first dance photos like this one.

Another flower girl exhausted from all of her “flower girl” duties! :)

And I’m ending with another one of my favorites from the first dance…this one might go on my website!


Congratulations to Julianne and Kyle!

Awards and Press {Rhode Island Wedding Photographer}

In the last few months, a few of our weddings have been published!

In January, 2013, I photographed Michelle Kwan and Clay Pell’s wedding in Providence. One of the photos was featured on the cover of People magazine, and in a two page spread in the magazine. I also flew to Washington, DC to do their engagement photos. One of the engagement photos was featured on People.com. Additional wedding photos were featured in special galleries on People.com, as well as in the digital version of the magazine.

In June, 2012, I photographed Emily and Rico’s wedding in Georgetown, MA. Their wedding was featured in the Winter 2013 Knot Boston magazine.

In January, 2013, I was awarded the WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Award for 2013. This means that I am in the top 5% of all wedding professionals in the area, based on client reviews.

In May, 2012, I photographed Laura and Chris’ wedding at Glen Manor House in RI. Their wedding was featured on the regional wedding blog, ‘Newport Wedding Glam’.

See photos below.








Sarah + Nate {Boston MA Wedding Photographer}


Rachel + Daniel {Squantum Association Providence RI Wedding Photography}