Rhode Island Head Shots



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Rhode Island Head Shots




What’s a wedding photographer to do in the winter, otherwise known as the off-season? ¬†Head shots! Last week I travelled to Newport to photograph students in the theatre and dance departments at Salve University. ¬†Often in the summer I get frantic emails from recent graduates needing a head shot immediately for an audition in NYC the next day. Well, turnaround time in the summer is much longer than one day, so a wonderful dance professor at Salve University, Lindsay Guarino, contacted me to see if I’d come to the university to get the students updated head shots for their upcoming summer auditions well ahead of time! This of course was perfect timing, as January is typically a slow month for me.

If you or a group that you are affiliated with need environmental head shots, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m happy to travel to locations with larger groups. Just a note, I don’t do “corporate head shots”, but use natural light and the available surroundings to shoot. For this reason, all head shots are either done in my studio, outside in nice weather, or indoors in a well lit, bright space. The photos below were all done in a hallway at Salve. One side of the hallway had a stone wall, and the other side was all windows- it was perfect!

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