Jillian + Jon’s Narragansett Engagement Shoot

Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0001 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0002 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0003 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0004 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0005 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0006 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0007 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0008 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0009 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0010 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0011 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0012 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0013 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0014 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0015 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0016 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0017 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0018 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0019 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0020 Newport RI Wedding Photographer_0021

A BIG Announcement!

Well, as you might be able to guess from the photo below….I’m expecting! Baby BOY (!!!) is due around the holidays.  I couldn’t be more thrilled! For so long, I have photographed so many families and babies, and it’s hard to believe that I will now have a little one of my own to photograph!


So what does this mean for my clients? It means that fall family portrait sessions are going to be VERY limited this year, as I need to allow myself time to edit all of the sessions and deliver them in time for the holidays (and before I give birth).  Because birth is unpredictable, I will be scheduling sessions up to November 9th, but not any later. I will be accepting 8 October sessions, and once October is fully booked, opening up 4 November sessions if the weather cooperates….but that’s it!  Because I will be scheduling fewer sessions for fall, session dates will only be held with an e-signed studio policies contract and a non-refundable paid session fee (all done online and via Paypal), and must be submitted within 24 hours of being sent.


Ready to book your fall family portrait session?!?! Well, if you’d like peak fall foliage, then I suggest scheduling your session between October 13th and October 28th, as these weeks have been predicted to have the best foliage! And it sure is pretty in photographs, isn’t it??

RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_083 RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_087 RhodeIslandFallFamilyPortraitsPhotos_094

Engagement sessions are also gorgeous in the foliage, too!!

ColtStateParkEngagementPhotos_056 ColtStateParkEngagementPhotos_053 RI Family Portrait Photographer_040 RI Family Portrait Photographer_035RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_012

If you don’t have availability during the peak fall foliage weeks, what about an apple orchard? Apple orchards all look very “fall-ish” and can be photographed at any time in September-November.
RI Baby Photographer_028 RI Baby Photographer_015 RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_006 RhodeIslandFamilyPortraitPhotos_008

Even the city has some nice spots with foliage!
NorthEndBostonEngagementPhotos_109 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_085 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_086 ProvidenceRIBrownUniversityEngagementPhotos_077 ProvidenceRIEngagementPhotos_041 ProvidenceRIEngagementPhotos_034

Don’t forget senior portraits, either…

WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_008 WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_013 WrenthamMASeniorPortraits_012

If you are ready to book, please email me at cm@caitlinmaloneyphotography.com to get things started, or to ask any questions you may have. Thank you!

Carly + Scott’s Providence Engagement Photos

ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_002 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_003 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_004 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_005 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_006 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_007 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_008ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_010ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_012ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_014 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_015 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_016 ProvidenceRIWeddingandEngagementPhotos_017

Jami + Brian’s Glen Manor House Wedding




Jami and Brian’s wedding was like no other I have ever been to. You see, Jami and Brian, and several of their friends, play famous characters in shows in Las Vegas! Jami plays Marilyn Monroe, and Brian plays Frank Sinatra. So, in a nutshell, Jami and Brian are good looking and can sing :)

Not only do Jami and Brian sing well, but their friends and family sing well too, and everyone took turns singing to Jami and Brian throughout the reception! It was incredible!  What was also incredible, were the beautiful floral centerpieces by Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design, the food by Russell Morin Fine Catering, and Jami’s hair and makeup by Rhode Island Wedding Hair Stylist Cassandra Falcone. When Jami and Brian and their friends and family weren’t singing, DJ Corey Young kept everyone entertained with great music.

One additional unique thing about this wedding, was that Jami wore a blush gown, and her bridesmaids wore white gowns! I may have gone overboard with the amount of shots I included in this blog post of Jami in her dress, but after you see it, you’ll understand why!  Especially at Glen Manor House…there are just too many scenic spots on the property to take photos (not to mention the gorgeous staircase!!).

Jami and Brian, thank you so much for having me, congratulations on your marriage, and enjoy your sneak peek!

GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_040GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_038 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_037 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_036 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_030 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_029GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_001
GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_041GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_042 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_054GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_049 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_048 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_047GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_035GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_004 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_005 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_006GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_007GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_010 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_011GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_008GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_009GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_019 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_018 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_017 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_016 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_015GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_014GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_020GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_022GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_024 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_025GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_027 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_031 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_034GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_045 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_044 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_043GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_032GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_057 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_058 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_059GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_033GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_061 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_062 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_063 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_064 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_065 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_066 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_067

Melissa + Greg | Jamestown Rhode Island Engagement Photos

JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_042 JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_043JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_045 JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_046 JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_047 JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_048 JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_049 JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_050 JamestownRIEngagementPhotos_051