Morgan + Garrett’s Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos

Roger Williams Park in the spring just cannot be beat.  Pink and white blossoms everywhere, and Morgan, Garrett, and I totally took advantage of what was in bloom.  We started off in the Japanese Gardens, and then made our way around the park. This park is such a gem in Providence. It’s huge, and while it’s usually crowded, things were relatively calm the evening we were there (minus the two wedding parties and prom groups!).

I like to shoot a mixture of up close, intimate portraits, standard portraits, and wide shots encompassing the beautiful backgrounds. For these shots, I used two lenses: 35mm (for the wide shots and up close intimate portraits) and the 85mm (for the standard portraits).  It’s nice to have a mix so that not everything looks the same.

Enjoy the photos!

I call the next set of portrait poses the, “For Mom and Dad”. While I always like to have a mix of natural looking moments (which are most often the result of nervous giggles!), I always try to take a few posed, looking directly at the camera, as parents and grandparents always seem to love these.  It’s a good “staple” portrait!


Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_020Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_022 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_023Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_019 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_026 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_027 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_028 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_029Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_004Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_007 Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_006Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_008Roger_Williams_Park_Engagement_Photos_013




Andrea + Michael’s Providence Engagement Photos

ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_001 ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_002 ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_003 ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_004 ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_005 ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_006 ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_007 ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_008 ProvidenceEngagementPhotos_009

Emily + Jeremy’s Providence Engagement Session

Valerie + Jonathan {Aldrich House Wedding Providence}

Venue: Aldrich House, Providence

Caterer: Young’s Catering

Band: Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons


Molly and Brian’s Lippitt House Wedding {Providence, Rhode Island Wedding Photographer}


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Molly and Brian’s Wedding Slideshow