Jami + Brian’s Glen Manor House Wedding




Jami and Brian’s wedding was like no other I have ever been to. You see, Jami and Brian, and several of their friends, play famous characters in shows in Las Vegas! Jami plays Marilyn Monroe, and Brian plays Frank Sinatra. So, in a nutshell, Jami and Brian are good looking and can sing :)

Not only do Jami and Brian sing well, but their friends and family sing well too, and everyone took turns singing to Jami and Brian throughout the reception! It was incredible!  What was also incredible, were the beautiful floral centerpieces by Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design, the food by Russell Morin Fine Catering, and Jami’s hair and makeup by Rhode Island Wedding Hair Stylist Cassandra Falcone. When Jami and Brian and their friends and family weren’t singing, DJ Corey Young kept everyone entertained with great music.

One additional unique thing about this wedding, was that Jami wore a blush gown, and her bridesmaids wore white gowns! I may have gone overboard with the amount of shots I included in this blog post of Jami in her dress, but after you see it, you’ll understand why!  Especially at Glen Manor House…there are just too many scenic spots on the property to take photos (not to mention the gorgeous staircase!!).

Jami and Brian, thank you so much for having me, congratulations on your marriage, and enjoy your sneak peek!

GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_040GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_038 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_037 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_036 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_030 GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_029GlenManorHouseWeddingPhotos_001
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Laura + Chris {Glen Manor House RI Wedding Photography}


Venue: Glen Manor House, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Band: Men in Black, Boston, Massachusetts

Photographers: Caitlin Maloney and George Rivera