Protected: Karissa’s Equestrian Senior Portrait Session in Rhode Island

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Keara and John {Rhode Island Portrait Photographer}

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to Michigan to photograph a wedding and several portrait shoots.  This is a preview of one of those shoots…meet Keara and her horse, John.

I have known Keara since she was two! I met her when she entered preschool; in fact, I was her preschool teacher!!! I still remember meeting her for the first time. She was sitting at a little table, head in hands, while her mother spoke to me about her. Her mother told me that Keara had asked her to take her to a school and to leave her there and go home. That’s so Keara! She’s now 13, but she knows what she wants!  So when I posted on Facebook that I would be doing shoots in Michigan, Keara immediately messaged me and asked me to come take pictures of her and her new horse.  Of course I had to say yes!

So, here they are! Enjoy your sneak peek!