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Happy New Year! It’s January 2nd of 2014, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Boudoir photos have to quite possibly be the best gift that you can give to your significant other. Just imagine the look on their face when they open up a box to reveal artistic, fine art boudoir photographs….of YOU!!

A recent boudoir client sent me this email just the other day:

“Hi Caitlin,

My husband was so impressed by the boudoir photo book.  He was absolutely speechless…

The set up was great…on Christmas Eve after a wonderful night of hosting family and friends in our new home we settled on the couch around 1030 with a glass of Baileys.  I was seriously shaking I was so excited.  I had wrapped the book in a box layered with the lingerie from the shoot and when he opened the box and saw the first piece of lingerie he looked at me as if he won the lottery!  He flipped through the book and it just got better and better.  He was so impressed and so happy.  I felt great to give it to him and he has seriously thanked me every day since:-)

It was an absolutely amazing experience all around…romantic, sneaky, thrilling, fun…thank you for making it happen, you were great!

Hope your holidays were wonderful!

Our boudoir shoots take place in my studio loft in Warren, RI, in a private, safe environment. I am the only one in attendance, along with a hair and makeup stylist to make you feel absolutely gorgeous prior to the photo shoot. Your images are kept private, unless you give us permission to share them.  At the shoot, we also sit down to go over our beautiful albums, photos books, and other products that are available to make a beautiful presentation of your images to your significant other. Please note that turnaround time is two weeks, so January 26th is the latest to schedule your session to receive your photos by Valentine’s Day. Please email cm@caitlinmaloneyphotography.com for complete pricing information, or call the studio at 857-654-5972 to schedule your session.

The images below are fine art boudoir photographs, and may not be suitable for viewing at work and in other public platforms. Please use your discretion when viewing.

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Miss J {Rhode Island Boudoir Photography}

Here are a few images from Miss J’s boudoir session. There is some partial nudity, so proceed with caution :) .

Some Recent Boudoir…{Rhode Island Boudoir Photographer}


Boudoir Marathon {Rhode Island Boudoir Photography}

Good evening, Ladies :) .

I know most of us are thinking about Christmas gifts, but not too long after Christmas is Valentine’s Day….On January 15th, we will be holding a boudoir marathon, specifically with the intentions of providing your husband/fiance/partner with a stunning gift: artistic, fine art photos of YOU.

The session includes a 45 minute shoot at my studio loft located in Warren, Rhode Island, and onsite hair and makeup. Albums and prints for your loved ones are available for purchase directly from the studio, and can be shipped right to your home, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

For more information or to reserve your spot {there are only four spots available}, email cm@caitlinmaloneyphotography.com. Payment due in full at the time of booking.

Thank you!

Boudoir {rhode island boudoir photographer}

A few weeks ago, one of my brides came to me and asked if I did boudoir. Even though I hadn’t done it before, I’d been dying to try, so I said let’s do it!  I love that she’s doing this secretly as a gift for her fiance on their wedding day, so Shhhhh…. :)

There are many different styles of boudoir photography. I’d like to call mine more of a fine art boudoir. I try to use only natural light, love shooting in front of the big windows in my loft studio, and many of the photos are black and white.  My style leans more towards the fine art nude than it does towards some of the popping color and pin-up boudoir photography that you may see. In NO way is boudoir photography pornographic.  It is done by brides, singles, married women, and moms alike. It is designed to make you feel good and look good, and the photos can be put into an album for a special someone if you’d like to share :) . Or even just for yourself.

Boudoir shoots last two-four hours, and a hair and makeup artist is booked to come to the studio to make sure that you look your best for the shoot. This bride’s hair/make up artist was Sara Faella (www.sarafaella.com).  Shoots can also take place at another location.  One fabulous idea for boudoir shoots, is to incorporate it into a bachelorette party, or even just a girls day out! Grab a group of girlfriends, some cocktails, lots of lingerie, and make a day of it! Boudoir albums also make great Valentine’s Day and anniversary gifts.  If interested in booking a boudoir shoot, please email me at cm@caitlinmaloneyphotography.com for more information.


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