Ashley + Nick’s Boston Engagement Photos

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The G Family’s Providence Family Portrait Photography Session

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Laura + Joseph’s Dartmouth Massachusetts Engagement Session

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Rhode Island Lifestyle Newborn Photography

rinewbornphotographer_096This beautiful newborn just had her first birthday! Happy Birthday, Ella!  Unfortunately, I won’t get to photograph her one year photos, because her family has moved to Australia (!!!). So jealous as I follow their beautiful beach photos Down Under while we suffer through the winter of all winters.

The first picture is one of my all time favorites…I just love how her mom is kissing her little fingers. These are the natural moments that I love to capture….and one of the reasons my newborn and baby business has been completely reconstructed. Last year, I sold ALL of my newborn props, and took a hiatus from photographing newborns. I wasn’t comfortable putting babies in baskets, sessions were stressful trying to get that beautiful sleeping baby pose, and I have to admit, I just felt mean.  Let’s face it, a baby has just endured birth, and now a few days later, here I am cramming them into a bowl naked! I just wanted to whisper, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” over and over again to these sweet newborns.  That’s when I knew that the ever so popular baby in a prop just wasn’t going to work for me and my studio. So, I took a break to figure things out.  I realized I was just really drawn to natural moments, and really drawn to timeless black and white imagery.  That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s cute when babies are posed so beautifully and it’s not to say that I don’t like the photos…I just know what it takes to get that shot, and I can’t bring myself to do it any longer.

So, what does this mean for newborn and baby portraiture at Caitlin Maloney Photography?  Well, everything will be natural. This means newborns will be photographed in their own homes, wearing clothes for the majority of the session, and safely cradled in their parents’ arms or on their beds.  Photo sessions will not be stressful.  Babies that aren’t sitting up will also be photographed in their homes, and babies that can sit up and walk will be photographed outside, weather permitting. I understand that many (dare I say most?) families want the “cute baby in the prop” photos, and that’s fine! There are some amazing photographers who do those photos, and do them well. They probably don’t find them stressful, and enjoy them….I am not one of them. So, if you are interested in natural newborn and baby portraiture, I am here….and if you prefer the baby in the prop style, that’s perfectly okay, I’m just not the best choice for a photographer for you and your family :) .

To view an in-home lifestyle session, take a look at little newborn Ella’s photos below:

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I am so excited to share this new product offering at the studio! As I move my business away from just handing over the digital files to a full service studio that prints your images in keepsake, heirloom product offerings, these folios seem like a perfect fit to display fine art portraits. Yesterday, I read a quote by a photographer, and it basically said, “I am not going to pass down a Facebook profile image to my children and grandchildren.”  Everyone wants digital images to share on social media, and even though everyone pledges to print their photos and make their own albums, many of my clients have confessed to me that it just never happens. Life is too busy, and things get in the way. Printing and hanging photos is put on the back burner.  There are some big changes coming to Caitlin Maloney Photography, because my job is to capture moments, and provide a service that helps you to get those moments on to your walls or into an album that can be cherished for lifetimes.  Because it does nobody any good when I hand over files to just sit on your hard drive and to never see the light of day. So, here is a peek at some new, beautiful products that will do just that…



These folios come with your choice of 20 different fabrics and Japanese silks for the cover. You can order double folios, triple folios, and even quad folios! The image above is a triple folio with three images. These come in 5×5, 4×6, 5×7, 6×6, 8×8, and 8×10.  You can display them open on a shelf, on your desk at work, or fold it up and put it away in a drawer or on a coffee table.


The image below is of a double folio in square format. I think these folios make fantastic gifts for grandparents, and perfect gifts for fiances/husbands/partners for boudoir!


The next product is a presentation box.  It’s a bit of a large folio, and holds 10 images sized 5×5 in natural or black mats. The box fabric can be chosen from four different Japanese silks: green, gray, ivory, or black. These are also great gifts. I especially like the idea of these as a gift for boudoir, because you can either display the images on an easel, or put them away in the box.

cypressfolios_088 cypressfolios_089 cypressfolios_090 cypressfolios_091